KCM Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to KCM. How do I get started?

To get started, you’ll want to be sure to complete your Personalization Profile to personalize your posts. You can also connect your social media pages on the Integrations page of your Member Area. Once connected, you can set up Automatic Posting to create an automation schedule. 

The KCM Membership also offers a variety of training and onboarding resources to help you learn more about your Membership and ensure you feel confident sharing your KCM content with your clients. You can find your training materials in the Learning Center

Where are my Blog Posts, Videos, and Social Graphics?

Your KCM content is available on the Shareable Content page of your KCM Member. Each piece of content will include a tag to differentiate the type of content. On this page, you will have the option to search your content types by topic. You can also use the filter feature in on the top right to select the content type as well as the timeframe you would like to see. 

To share your content, select the specific content tile. From there, you’ll see share and/or download options on the right side of the page. Please click here for more information on sharing your content.

Where can I set up my social media connections?

To connect your social media pages, you’ll want to access the Integrations page of your KCM Member Area. Start by selecting “My Account” in the top right corner. From there, select the “Integrations” option in the menu. You’ll also be able to access this page through “Social” tab under “Account Settings.”

Where can I find Spanish content?

The KCM Membership currently provides the daily blogs, Buyer/Seller Guides, Infographics, and Monthly Market Report slides in a Spanish version. 

To access your content in Spanish, click on the “My account” in the top right-hand corner of your KCM Member Area. From the menu, you can switch the language of your content between English and Spanish. 

When is content released?

You'll now receive new Blogs, Social Graphics, and RealTalk Scripts throughout the week (Monday-Thursday), and a new Video, Infographic, and matching Social Graphic on Fridays.

The Monthly Market Report is released around the 10th of each month and the Buyer & Seller Guides are updated four times a year, around the 5th of the month when the season changes.

Can I share the blog audio?

The blog audio is not currently available to be shared or downloaded.

Where is my RSS Feed link?

You can find your RSS Feed under the “External” section of the Integrations page of your KCM Member Area.

Where is my Custom Blog?

You can access your Custom Blog from your Dashboard in the Member Area. From there, click the “View on my Custom Blog” link on the “Your Personalization” tile.

How to edit and manage social media automation?

You can access your Automation Schedule through the “Your Autoposts” tile on the Dashboard page of your KCM Member Area or the “Automatic Posting” option on the menu under My Account.

On the Automatic Social Media Posting page, you have the option to edit, pause, remove or preview your posting schedule history on your existing schedules. You can also add a new automated schedule.

Where are my manually scheduled Facebook posts?

You can find your manually scheduled Facebook Posts on the Integrations page of your KCM Member Area. From there, select the “click here to see your scheduled posts” link on the Facebook tile under the “Social Sharing” section. 

Where are the Buyer and Seller Guides?

You can find your Buyer and Seller Guides under the “Guides for Clients” section on the Resources page of your KCM Member Area. 

Where is the Professional Equity Assessment Report (PEAR) template?

You can find your PEAR template under the “Resources for Agents” section on the Resources page of your KCM Member Area. 

Where are the training articles and videos?

You can find training materials in the Learning Center of your KCM Member Area. On this page, you will have the option to search your training content types by topic. You can also use the filter feature to select the specific training content type as well as the timeframe you would like to see.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Support Team on this page, and we'll be happy to help!