How to Update and View Billing Information

You can easily update your account information at any time!

You can update and view billing information in “Account Settings” page under “My account” in the top right corner of your Member Area. From here, you can select "Billing" along the top navigation bar.

Update_View Billing 1

This page will give you the option to add any new billing information on the right side of the screen. Once updated, you will select the blue "Update Payment Details" to save your changes. 

You can also easily access your invoices on this page by scrolling down to the Invoice section. Here, you can choose a date range to view your invoices or select the “Download All” option to download a zip file of all your KCM invoices.

Update_View Billing 2

As a reminder, you can view your Membership plan, pricing, and next bill date on the Subscription page of your Member Area.

Please note, if you signed up for your Membership through Apple, you must manage your billing information through Apple.  You can cancel and manage your Plan by navigating to your mobile settings and locating your subscription.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Support Team on this page, and we'll be happy to help!