How to Set Up Your Personalization Profile

This article will cover how to set up your Personalization Profile, so your information and branding appears on your ready to share content!

This article will cover: 

Setting up your Basic Profile:

Personalization 1

The Basic section of your Profile will power the Personalization that appears on all content types!  The information you enter here will automatically appear in the additional sections of your Profile.

  • Add your Photo and Logo
  • Add your information 
  • Your social links 
  • Compliance and branding color 

Further editing your Personalization by content type:

Personalization 2

Each additional section of your Profile includes options to further customize how your Personalization appears on each type of content.

  • Use the drop-down menus to rearrange, hide, customize
  • Turn options on/off or change branding colors
  • See a preview of your edits

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Support Team on this page, and we'll be happy to help!