How to Email Content

With your KCM Membership, you can email your KCM Content by copying & pasting it into your email platform! 

This article will cover:

Emailing Your Personalized Shareable Content

  • First, you will want to select the content that you would like to share under the “Shareable Content” section on the left-hand navigation.
  • From there, you will select the blue “Share” option to the right.
  • Then you will be able to select “Email.”
    • Here you will have three options to select between: Copy PreviewCopy Full Post, Use Template.  

Emailing Content Screenshot 1

  • Copy Preview will copy the title, feature image, and first paragraph of the post, with a link to Continue Reading.  This link will open the full post on your Personalized Homepage. 
  • Copy Full Post will copy the entire blog post, so the full article can be read directly within your email. 
  • Use Template allows you to copy and paste your KCM Blog Post in a template format with your personal branding. 
  • Lastly, you will paste your KCM Content into your email platform or CRM to share to your sphere.  
  • Tip: If you want to email Social Graphics, you will want to select the “Download” option instead of the Share option. This will download your graphic(s) to your computer, and you will be able to attach your graphic to your email from there.  


Using the Email Builder  

The KCM Email Builder gives you an opportunity to create a digital newsletter using your KCM Content! 

  • First you will want to select the “Email Builder” option on the left-hand navigation. 
    • From there you will have two options to select between: 
      • Pre-built templates: which gives you the option to select a template that includes content for Buyers, Sellers, or Latest Content.  
      • Select Your Own Content: which allows you to select from 1 to 6 pieces of content below to build your own email.  
      • Once you’ve selected your content, you will click "Show Selected Content" to click and drag to add your content to your template. 

Emailing Content Gif

  • Lastly, you will be given the option to copy and paste your email template into your email platform or CRM by selecting Copy Template or Copy Code.  

Emailing Content Screenshot 2

  • The Copy Template option works well within email platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo! Mail.   
  • The Copy Code option will supply the source code of the Email Builder template to create a new template within your CRM. This option works best with CRMs such as Wise Agent and BombBomb. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Support Team on this page, and we'll be happy to help!