How to Cancel or Pause your Membership

To cancel your KCM Membership, you can submit a cancellation request to our Support Team on this page.

  • Please note cancelling your Membership will take place at end of your current billing cycle. Additionally, under our Terms of Service, Section "Terms, Fees, and Payments" we do not offer any refund of membership fees prior to cancellation.  

If you’re currently in your 14-Day Free Trial period, you have the option to cancel your 14-Day Free Trial on the Subscription page of your KCM Member Area. 

If you signed up for your Membership through Apple, you must cancel your Membership through Apple. You can cancel and manage your Plan by navigating to your mobile settings and locating your subscription. 

Pausing your KCM Membership is available for up to 3 months. This will turn off access to your Membership and new content during the paused time frame. 

After the pause period, your KCM Membership will automatically reactivate.

To Pause your Membership, you can do so at any time within the Subscription page of your Member Area. 

  • Please note we do not currently offer the ability to extend your pause period past three months.
  • Additionally, you are unable to downgrade your KCM Membership during the pause period as your Membership must resume at the current Membership plan. Once your Membership resumes and your payment is processed, you can then downgrade your KCM Membership on the Subscription page of your Member Area. This will give you continued access to your current features until your next bill date, when your Membership will downgrade. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Support Team on this page, and we'll be happy to help!